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What is stone wool insulation?


Effective insulation is essential in any kind of building and technical application to ensure maximum comfort and lower costs. Developed, used and improved for many years, stone wool insulation products combine mechanical resistance with excellent thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability.

All products come in a range of thicknesses specially tailored for individual applications:

Efficient fire protection
Stone wool provides excellent passive fire protection: it is an incombustible material with the capacity to resist temperatures exceeding 1000 °C without fueling the fire or spreading flames. 

Excellent sound absorption
Non-combustible, stone wool has excellent acoustical dampening properties. It is especially useful when superior fire resistance and acoustical performance are required. 

High levels of thermal insulation
The tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure of the stone wool reduce airflow and heat flow. It maintains its shape and density over time for long-term thermal performance throughout the lifetime of the building or technical application.

Environmentally friendly
We constantly seek to reduce our resource use and emissions emitted during the production process and supply chain. Stone wool is made of up to 50% recycled content and has a positive energy and CO2 balance after 3 months. 

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