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Fibreglass vs. Mineral Wool Insulation

There are a number of different types of wool insulation,  including fibreglass wool and mineral wool.

While they all help to keep heat in your home and reduce your bills, they have slightly different benefits and properties. This guide should help you choose the right insulation for your home based on your priorities and preferences.

Mineral Wool Insulation Benefits

Mineral wool, also known as Rockwool, is made from rock. The materials it’s made from are available in large quantities. Like fibreglass, the rock is heated to until it melts and then spun at high speeds to create rock fibres. Those fibres are then bound together ready to use.

The resulting mineral wool is an excellent insulator, which reduces your energy consumption and helps to prevent overheating in summer. Mineral wool is easy to install between joists and is more fire resistant than fibreglass insulation. Installing mineral wool insulation can help to improve the fire resistance of your property and prevent fire from spreading as quickly if it does occur. Mineral wool is also far denser than fibreglass wool, so it’s ideal for noisy areas or city centre homes since it provides excellent acoustic as well as heat insulation.

Fibreglass Wool Insulation Benefits

Fibreglass is made from glass fibres rather than rock, but also works extremely well as an insulator. It’s the favourite insulation material for the majority of house builders and many home owners since it is the cheapest option on the market. It is also one of the easiest types of insulation to install, so you will be able to install or replace your insulation more quickly than other types. The majority of glass wool is actually made from recycled glass, which can help to reduce your impact on the environment.

Both fibreglass and mineral wool insulation can cause skin irritation so it is important to wear gloves and protection when handling and installing the material. However, there are very few drawbacks to both – the only major difference is cost, type of material (many homeowners are choosing mineral insulation over fibreglass because they prefer natural materials) and the fact that fibreglass is less effective when wet.

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