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Forming chamber & pendulum system


Drum type collecting system 

Drum forming chamber is used for rock wool collection.

Diameter: 5 m;

Drum linear speed: 50m-120m/min;

Net plate length: 2420 mm; net plate width: 1423 mm, totally 11 net plates; 

The negative-pressure system helps to achieve a more uniform collection of rock wool through the forming chamber; the net plate angle is no less than 80° and the width of stone wool is more than 2200mm. Density of single-layer rock wool is no higher than 450 g/m²;


The forming chamber is equipped with automatic slag-removal system to reduce the shot content to meet the requirement of national standard, that is, less than 10%;

Noise is less than 85 db. (Measured 1 meter away from the machine)

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