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20000-30000t/y rockwool production line


(1)Main Product Feature

Type of finished product:
•Stitched mattresses

Product features:
•Density 40 - 200 kg / m3
•Thickness 30 - 250 mm
Width 300 - 1200 mm

All rock wool products can be coupled with different types of materials (depending on their use) such as paper, aluminum, glass veil.

(2)Main Process of Rock Wool Production Line

1 Raw material system 1)Feeding system
2) Automatic proportioning machine
3)Control cabinet (PLC is adopted)
4)Feeding machine
2 Melting system 1) Furnace platform
2)Cupola furnace
3) Material level control system
4)Dust catcher
5)Waste gas burning furnace
6)Waste gas intake pipe
7)Waste gas intake fan
8)Heat ex-changer
9)Control cabinet
10) Melting furnace cooling system
11)Wind supply fan for the melting furnace
12)Wind supply pipeline for melting furnace
3 Fiber-forming system 1) High speed centrifuge
3)Fiber blowing bellows
4)Lubricating system of centrifuge
5)Water pump and water cooling system
6)Electrical control cabinet(PLC)
7) Residue-remover
4 Wool collecting and allocation system &
Board making system
1)Wool collector and Pendulum wool allocation machine
2) Control cabinet
3) Air-intake fan for wool collecting
4)Dust filtering system of wool collecting part 
5) Wool allocation conveyor 
6)Compressing pleating machine 
7) Curing oven 
8)Main power assembly 
9) Control cabinet
5 Curing oven explosion-proof system 1) Natural gas inspect system
2)Explosion-proof fan
3)Explosion-proof pipes 
4)Control cabinet
6 Cutting system 1)Cooling conveyor2) Cooling fan
3) Thickness saw
4)Cooling cutter
5)Metering device of cutting
6)Control cabinet
7)Cutting machine driving system
7 Dust-removing system of cutting part 1)Bag-type dust filter
2)Dust-removing pipes
3)Dust-removing fan
8 Scrap recycling machine 1)Crusher 
2)Scrap-recycling fan
3) Scrap-recycling pipeline

Main Equipments:

Cupola furnace
Spinning machine
Drum forming chamber
Pendulum unit and steel platform
Crimping machine
Pressing machine
Curing oven
Cyclone dust extractor
Pulse jet bag filter
Bar cutting machine
Knife CNC flying saw
Air compressor
Packing device
Belt Conveyor


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