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Curing oven heating chamber




Curing oven




Curing oven conveys and press un-cured felts, and dries the felts with hot air at the same time, which cure the binder in the felts and form product with certain thickness.




Curing oven main body is consisted with upper and down conveyor belts. Upper conveyor belt can adjust the distance to down conveyor by lifting device.


Inner curing oven has multi air bellows, which improve curing efficiency.


Main drive of curing oven is consisted with two drive systems, which are used to drive up and down conveyor separately.


To clean residual on the conveyor belt, cleaning devices with brush rolls are set at the up and down mouth.



Considering thermal expansion of curing oven, curing oven main body is installed on the foundation shim plat, and can freely expand. Chain lubrication uses fixed point oil injection type.

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