Old line renovation

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 Existing line renovation

There are more and more rock wool production lines in the world, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

How to stand out from many competitors all over the world?

We will provide consulting services and the latest equipment to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the plant.

1.Professional production analysis

Through on-site inspections, our production experts will evaluate the condition of the plant, and propose corresponding improvement suggestions according to customer’s needs in production.

2.Reduce raw material consumption

High consumption means high cost, low consumption means low cost. Making the same product at a lower cost can make your product more bargaining room in the market.

3.Reduce energy consumption

The latest thermal cycle system allows additional heat to re-enter the cupola and incinerator, minimizing the consumption of natural gas and coke. This not only saves costs, but also greatly contributes to environmental protection.

4.Increase output

The influence of the specifications of the cupola and centrifuge on the output is decisive. We are able to provide the latest equipment to fully adapt to the high-output operation mode. Through the technological iteration of the equipment, we have been able to continuously increase the fiber formation rate and increase production.

The scrap created in production will also be properly recollected through the scrap recycling system, which greatly reduces waste.

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